In the Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture, we present a total of 26 categories of support measures which can be taken to boost supply and/or demand of organic products. However, it will not be possible for a strategic organic action plan to implement the 26 categories of measures (mostly because public resources are limited). In addition, not all measures are suitable in all contexts. Priorities will be set and choices will have to be made.

In order to help policy makers and stakeholders participating in strategic organic planning, we have developed this decision-helping framework that helps filters the most suitable measures depending on the national context. Please pick the scenario that best corresponds to your situation for each question below, to discover which measures are most recommended in your context. This does not mean that other measures are not feasible: only that typically, in such a context, they might not be a priority, at least at the national level.

Stage of development of organic agriculture (How is the present situation?)

Organic regulatory context (How is organic agriculture regulated?)

Culture of government intervention on the agricultural sector (What is the political culture?)

Logic of policy intervention (What are the objectives? Or what do you want to achieve with supporting Organic Agriculture?) - multiple choices possible